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Will & Morgan’s Lakeside Wedding!!!

When Morgan and Will Booked us for their special day l was both excited and nervous! Let me explain why....This was going to be a very unique and special wedding. Unlike most weddings we provide our services for, this wedding required three set ups instead of the usual one. The three set ups consisted of an outdoor ceremony at a gazebo facing Lake Norman, a reception at the beautiful Queen's Landing in Mooresville NC, and (wait for it...) an After Party, on a YACHT! This is where my nerves set in...although this wouldn't be the first time I’ve DJ’d on a yacht, I do get extreme motion sickness. However, with the help of my friend, Dramamine, I was determined that we were going to rock this after party!!!

The wedding day was a beautiful one, sunny with a slight breeze coming in from the lake. The ceremony went great, without a hitch, nice and smooth. Once the ceremony was done we announced to the guests to make their way into the Reception Hall. This is where dinner would take place as well as the usual formalities (the intros, special dances, announcements).

At this time as our Bride and Groom were off to go take some pictures with the talented Alisha Raquel, I started testing my crowd. I love this part of night, the part where I start to live mix music and observe the room to find out who my party people are. Who’s singing? Who’s dancing in their seats? Who’s ready to party? And let me tell you the whole crowd was ready to party! But first we needed to introduce the bride and groom! I introduced Mr. and Mrs. Walker along with their 2 year old daughter Aria. As they made their way to the Dancefloor, I played “Back at One” by Brian Mcknight for their first dance. We took this once in a life time moment and cranked the specialness up a notch with our Dancing on the clouds effect. Afterwards the bride danced the forever classic “My Girl”, by The Temptations with her Dad and the groom danced “A song for Mama” by Boyz II Men with his Mom.

After dinner, our party people could not contain themselves so I opened up the dance floor, and the party really started!! Watching everyone celebrate with the Bride and groom was beautiful! I love this moment, the moment where you feel all the love and excitement and celebration on the dance floor! And this crowd did not disappoint! The dance floor was full, the faces were happy, the crowd was hyped and they even had a conga line going before making their way to the yacht.

It was time for cake....and the after party! The guests were invited to The Lady of the Lake, a luxurious Yacht, where I had the 3rd set up ready to go for the after party. As the guests boarded the ship, each passenger was given a party glow stick and we partied for the next 2+ hours. The B&G were having so much fun that they asked if I could play for an extra 15 minutes, the maximum time the Captain would extend his trip. I of course said yes!!! Having such a diverse crowd was great! I played Hip Hop, R&B, Motown and of course a little Nelly for our Bride who is a huge fan!!!

At the end of the night I must admit, I was super tired! This wedding had a lot movement between all 3 set ups at 3 locations, but it was all worth it. Thinking back and remembering the smiles on my Bride and Groom’s faces at the end of the Night made it completely worth it. Seeing them celebrate with all the people they love on the dance floor was amazing! I’m happy to have brought 2 very different families together on the dance floor for one unforgettable night.

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