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What You’ve Been Asking

Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire a Professional DJ FOr your wedding?

Congratulations on your engagement! Now the fun starts. Among all the things on your to-do list is to find a DJ. By now you may have even been approached by friend or family member that has offered to provide the music for cheap if not free.


Is this the best route? Does a Professional Wedding DJ matter? Are they worth the investment (Yes, Investment!)?


By hiring a Professional Wedding DJ, you get so much more than you can imagine. You get the years of experience that a Pro carries. 

They are someone who can make announcements and can interact with your wedding guest. They can read the crowd and will pace the music to ensure a long night of dancing and fun. Their sound and lighting equipment is of the upmost quality. A Professional wedding DJ will also work in coordination with you and your other hired professionals, making suggestions and offering advice on situations and circumstances that you probably have not thought of. All this ensuring a smooth and organized wedding reception. Ultimately you get peace of mind that the entertainment portion of your planning is safe. Do you trust leaving the most important day in the lives of you and your special someone to an inexperienced friend or family member?

Years later, your guest won't remember the chair covers or filling in your wedding cake, but they will remember how much their feet hurt the day after your wedding from dancing all night!

Why Hire LoSo Sound?

There are many wedding DJ and Entertainment companies in Charlotte and throughout the Carolinas but we like to think of ourselves as a diamond in the rough. We specialize in weddings because we love the everlasting memories made on your wedding day. When you book with us, you are more than a client, you are family! We are there for you for the whole wedding process, including multiple meetings and calls to answer any questions or concerns you may have. We can also refer you to other professionals we work with exclusively who share our same mentality and appreciation for you.

One special advantage of hiring LoSo Sound is that all our DJ's are bilingual and are here to create an inclusive atmosphere for all your guest to remember your event for eternity.


The DJ you first talk to is the Wedding DJ that will take care of you the entire way until your wedding Day. We find that this gives our clients peace of mind and creates great relationships.

No wonder all our clients refer us to their friends and families. We often are called back to DJ their anniversary parties years later! 

How to book LoSo Sound?

Contact us through phone or email for bookings and availability. We structure our wedding packages in a simple and easy way. After meeting with you and figuring out what your needs are, we can customize a special wedding package for you. We have found that this method will save you money and makes the planning process a breeze.

Add-ons include

Dance floor lighting



Ceremony Sound

Custom Time Frames

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