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So you need a Bilingual Wedding DJ?

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Although we are originally not from the Charlotte area, we have come to embrace the Queen City and its growth over the years. I personally remember moving here in 2004 and experiencing the cultural growth. Im so happy to see how so many people from around the country and world have come to love Charlotte too. So many diverse cultures are now represented here! I remember yearning for a Dominican Mangu or Colombian Bandeja Paisa and not having anything close by. On rainy days, wishing I could go and get some Phó or Ramen. Now, its all here and everywhere! Charlotte is truly a multi-cultural hub.

With Charlotte being so diverse, it's great to see two people of different cultures fall in love and get married. The entertainment that is chosen for a wedding is a huge factor in how the wedding flows. Especially in a multi-cultural wedding! Speaking specifically about Bilingual Weddings where one or two of the newlyweds speak Spanish, If you are having a Bilingual Wedding, then you should have a Bilingual DJ. Simple as that and you shouldn't settle for anything else.

I speak of settling but I know that it's not the clients fault. Some Non-Bilingual DJs sell to Bilingual Clients under the false pretense that they can treat and play at their wedding the same as every event. I couldn't disagree more. Let me give you an example. I remember seeing one of my favorite documentaries on Netflix, CHEF's table. In one episode they interviewed Award winning Argentine Chef Frank Mallmann. He had studied in some of the best restaurants in France and one day found himself cooking for the head of Cartier Jewelers and his guest. He prepared all kinds of "French" plates and at the end of the meal, he walked around the tables in his white Chef's hat. The head of Cartier asked to speak with him privately and outright told him that the meal was horrible! Whatever Chef Frank thought he had prepared, it was not French cuisine. He respected his effort but he had not done french cuisine justice. In time , Frank Mallmann realized that the head of Cartier was right. He was living off copying what he had seen real French Chefs do but it was a culture he simply did not grow up around. Years later Chef Frank Mallmann did win a cooking competition at the Grand Prix by cooking a dish that paid homage to what he DID know, the Andes mountains and his Argentine culture. Moral of the Story : Stick to what you know. You can not deliver the same level of service to a client if you do not truly know their culture including their language. A good and honest DJ will not take on an event for someone when they can not meet their needs.

So many times I have heard stories of DJs taking on Bilingual events and asking the client to send them all the songs that they want played, or they have a trusty Spotify playlist with the "Latin Hits" for times like this. How is that doing their clients a favor? In reality they are adding to their burden and worry. Not to mention, that a trusty playlist is throwing every rich, beautiful, and different Latin heritage into the same boat. Latin Music is very diverse and different and should vary depending on the crowd. For all those that don't know, "Suavemente" will not work for every crowd. We have Salsa (Puerto Rican, Colombian, and Cuban. There's a difference) , Merengue, Bachata, Huapangos, Norteñas, Cumbias (Colombian and Mexican) and so many other genres that have great artist and should be played for different crowds. A Bilingual DJ that can read a crowd will know what to play to make the English speaking guest happy and the Spanish speaking guest too.

My second point is that your family needs to feel included. This is a union of two families through the love that two people share. Hiring a bilingual DJ is essential to helping that union. Many languages are spoken in this country and thats a beautiful thing. If you have a portion of your family that speaks Spanish and little to no English then they will feel so appreciative to see that they were thought of when they hear introductions and announcements made in their language. They can go home after a long night of dancing thinking they were included in the celebration.

That being said, I am from California. I am Mexican-American and grew up listening to all genres

of Music. I know and love both English and Latin Music. I started LoSo Sound a few years ago a

fter working for other DJ companies, I wanted to offer my take on what a Professional DJ Service should be and offer that service to EVERYONE including multi-cultural and Bilingual clients. I assembled a team of amazing DJs that are all fluent in Spanish and English that truly care about our clients.

Our Charlotte Bilingual DJs and MC's are all fluent in Spanish and English. By speaking in a very natural and conversational voice (Leave the Cheesy Radio DJ voice in the 80s) we can help guide all your guest through the night making everyone feel at home. Our goal is to have no one go home feeling like the DJ only spoke and played for one side of the family while ignoring the other side.

We know music too! We grew up listening to it all! English music from top 40, Pop, Rock, Hip hop, you name it, to all the Latin genres. We also mix our music live! Meaning we can seamlessly blend tracks and genres. When done correctly this helps keep your dance-floor full and invites everyone to keep dancing while embracing a new culture. Yes, we can get your Grandma to dance some Merengue with us. Some local DJ companies don't mix and will let a song play out completely then start a new track. Basically they are giving everyone permission to sit down and empty the dance floor every time a new track comes on. We're not about that.

So having thrown that out on the table. If you are having a Bilingual Wedding, don't settle for anything less for yourself or your guest. We are the best of both worlds and can accommodate both cultures.

Hire a Bilingual DJ! Hire LoSo Sound!

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