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A McGill Rose Garden Wedding For Dean and Jessica

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

I first met Jessica about 7 years ago when we worked together at the Fire Department. I would've never guessed that I would be DJing her wedding years later! Dean who is

a CMPD officer remembers how after the first time he saw her on a call, he responded to every call he could with the fire department with the hopes of seeing her again and eventually he did. Well the rest was history and I was honored to have had a part in their special day.

During our first meet up I always ask my clients, how do you envision your wedding and what do expect from your Wedding DJ? Immediately Jessica stressed to me that she did NOT want a cheesy wedding DJ. She wanted something different for her wedding. It was to be a celebration of love and she didn't want the same old line dances and cheesy over played traditions. I feel the same way and was happy to comply.

Their Ceremony and Reception was all held at the Mcgill Rose Garden in NoDa. Their Wedding was filled with lots of unique details. The Bridal Party walked down to a Live Version of "Cosmic Love" by Florence and the Machine and after they exchanged their own vows, both Jessica and her daughter who happened to be her Maid of Honor and Dean and his boys all participated in a Sand Ceremony to symbolize the union of their families. After the ceremony, we invited friends and family to cocktails and hors d'oeuvres. Jessica and Dean even had custom cocktails on the bar menu representing both the Fire Department and the Police Department! Our photographer, Elli McGuire took the bride and groom around the Garden for some pictures as I played a little music for cocktail hour.

Once the Reception started, I introduced the Bridal party to "Raise your Glass" by Pink and faded out as I introduced Dean and Jessica. Their introduction song was also their first dance. They surprised everyone with a choreographed dance to "Wanted" by Hunter Hampton. After a blessing, Carpe Diem restaurant served some awesome plates for dinner.

After Dinner, Jessica and Dean said some very dear thank you's to all their guest.

It was great to see Dean tell his side of how they met and what ran through his mind when he first saw Jessica. I opened up the dance floor inviting everyone to join the newlyweds for a little slow dance to "Speechless" by Dan and Shay and then dropped "24k Magic" by Bruno Mars. The night was great and filled with lots of fun moments. Now I don't mind requests, in fact very often a request will come through like a little golden nugget. It's often a song that carries some special meaning or memory for the family and friends present. I had to filter through the corny songs like Jessica asked a lot of those Request were awesome. For example, I was asked to play "Blame it on the Rain" by non other than Milli Vanilli and the crowd went wild!

When I opened up the dance floor I called out both the Charlotte Fire Department and CMPD as to who had the better moves, and CMPD put up and ok fight but there was no competition with Fire! Thank you Jessica and Dean for choosing Loso Sound to DJ your Special Day!

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