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A beautiful vineyard wedding for Kiana and Kyle

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

A few weeks before their wedding, Amy, the mother of the Bride reached out to me to request a special song that she wanted played at some point during dinner. In our conversation she said "This is a small but super fun group". Well, "super fun" was an understatement.

Kiana and Kyle had a beautiful May wedding at Long Leaf Vineyards, right outside Asheville NC.

They had a small and intimate wedding that was full of beautiful details. I remember looking over their wedding timeline and when I saw that their recessional ceremony song was "Mr. Blue Sky" played by a quartet, I then knew that there wedding was going to be Epic!

Now I know most DJs or professionals for that matter, don't like to talk about their setbacks or mishaps at their Events, but I believe in truth even when it scares me. On my way up from Charlotte to the Wedding Venue which was about 2.5 hours away I had some major car trouble. Apparently a small fault in a sensor put my car into limp mode not letting me accelerate past 40 mph. I'm sure any of you reading this can understand my fear not only because of what ran through my mind when I wasn't sure how I was going to make it to my destination but also the fact the my car dropped suddenly dropped 35 mph on an interstate as Semi-trailers raced past me. After a few futile attempts to fix the issue, I was at a loss. Now there are two things that life has taught me and thats 1) Remain calm and think reasonably, and 2) The show must go on! I quickly called in some favors to family that was not so far away and had them meet me to swap cars. Long story short , I made it to the venue, later than what I planned to but was set up and ready to go with enough time to take a take a deep breath that my ordeal was over. I didn't care if I was going to Uber the rest of the way to the venue. One way or another they would have their DJ.

The rest of the night was great! I loved seeing so many details in the wedding that reflected the Bride and Groom's relationship. After Cutting the Ice Cream Cake (yes Ice Cream Cake!!) Kiana and Kyle danced "I want to grow old with you" for their first dance. They went off to take pictures at sunset with Sheila Mraz as the rest of their guest moved over to Pavilion for some Dancing.

We played a little bit of everything but one of my favorite moments was when I was asked to summon Uncle Troy to the dance-floor to show us how to Tootsee Roll! We ended the night with "Sweet Caroline" by Neil Diamond as Kiana and Kyle's family and friends gathered around them to send them off.

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